carol Hendrickson

Carol Hendrickson


Jonathan Desaussure

I have an earned BS, MS, and PhD in nursing and education. I have served in the US Navy as a Nurse Corps Officer as well as I worked as the Curator of Education at an accredited zoo in the USA. I studied sign language and deaf education at Gallaudet University. I use my experience and interests in writing screenplays with a great story which the audience can relate to.

I am the daughter of a Navy Pilot and traveled the world. I was able to visit and explore places that many of my classmates in the US would read about in books. I was able to travel through Europe and parts of Africa. My education and travel experiences enriched my life and is infused into my scripts. Understanding other cultures is an exciting way to learn about the world.

I have completed two feature length screen plays with my writing partner Jonathan Desaussure and have several more in the writing process phase. We have delved into writing with a passion and excitement that writing is our life.

Carol and Jonathan's wife, Jackie have been friends for 25 years. They met in a sign language class. After Jackie married Jonathan in 2007, he asked Carol if she would like to become scriptwriting partners. Since then they have collaborated on several ideas and have several completed projects as well as several in the writing process. 

Carol has a background as a nurse, science educator, zoo education, deaf education, and sign language. She wrote a short story about Mordecai and later working in collaboration with Jonathan turned it into a feature length screenplay.

Jonathan has a black belt in Karate and has an extensive background in business. He has written several books and screenplays. Jonathan is well traveled and has an great eye for future writing projects. Being friends and colleagues is a great way to produce great stories for everyone's enjoyment.