(Feature Film)

2015 Semifinalists in Scriptaplooza Screenplay Contest

A high school student who has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) becomes involved with a vampire element. She wants to find a cure for CF and not just change into a vampire and live forever because she will not be able to fulfill her dreams. She encounters a CF vampire coven that is out to change all CFers into vampire for their coven. Breanna must decide which path to take. Who can she trust in this world?


(Original Pilot)

​A piece of a the United States has to fall off into sea before the world council listens to the warnings of a talented geologist. or A talented geologist warns the world council that they earth is is danger. Not until millions are dead and a piece of a continent falls off into sea do they listen. Can a talented geologist help save the people of Earth and relocate to a new planet in a new solar system?

completed screenplays

by Carol Hendrickson and Jonathan Dessaussure

Four Pilots

Six Features


(Original Pilot)

A generalist ship arrives in the Trappist System to discover that two other generational ships have already arrived and set up governmental systems on the seven planets and they must navigate an oppressive and controlling government whose goals are to steal all the resources and embryos form the ship.

The curse of apep's tomb: a mummy's revenge

(Feature Film)

A mummy is returned to life when he is discovered by a Professor and her students during a dig in Egypt. Prince Apep turns on the professor the her students and they enter the fight for their lives. Prince Apep is a cunning and dangerous mummy much like he was in his former life. The cave provides a backdrop for the battle for survival.


(Original Feature)

A secret military project, Morphia, is developed to protect humans on Earth from an alien invasion. 


​(Feature Film)

A princess reluctant to rule, betrayed and imprisoned by family, gains her freedom and with the help of her dragon friend, discovers that she is fit to rule.


(Original Pilot)

With Earth collapsing environmentally and only 150 years left of life on Earth, a multigenerational ship is prepared and by world leaders to populate a new planet.


(Feature Film)

​Vampire with Cystic Fibrosis fights evil forces to protect friends and family as she adjusts to a new world of living forever but yet not suffering from a disease, a choice she made between living and disease.



(Original Pilot)

A modern medical team is mysteriously transported to medieval times and using their knowledge and resourcefulness, they navigate challenges, threats of death, and lack of modern technology to survive and help their patients.

Carol Hendrickson


Jonathan Desaussure

(Feature Film)

Warren Marshall Brown died of complications from brain stem cancer in 2012. 251 years in the future a team of underground scientists bring Warren back using the String Theory to help their society survive. Warren was an engineer and they had high hopes from him. Warren discovers that the dystopic society has ignored the working class members and they suffer in squalor. He also discovers that the Summer Dam is cracking and is in danger of bursting. His mission becomes to warn everyone and move them to safety before the dam breaks.