Carol Hendrickson


Jonathan Desaussure

DragonSigns: Mordecai

by Carol Hendrickson

Mordecai is a deaf dragon who lives with his parents and other dragons in the mountains. When he was young, he flew down the mountain and met the only child of the King and Queen, Princess Cambridge. She learns Dragon Sign Language and they become life long friends.

William Blackstone falls from the floating island he lives on and is saved by Mordecai. When he awakes on the beach is he alone and must find his new destiny on the surface.

Jane de Bellville, a pirate with three ships, is headed to the kingdom to get revenge for her husband's death. He was beheaded by the French for being a spy to the Kingdom and she is angry. Her pirate ships are painted black with a red cross on the sails and dragon carvings.

William meets Mordecai and Princess Cambridge and the three become best of friends. Mordecai finds out about the impending pirate attack and the three friends prepare to save the kingdom from the pirate attack.

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