Future screenplays

Carol Hendrickson


Jonathan Desaussure



The story of the fire on the USS Forrestal in July 1967 and the struggle of the crewmen to fight the fire and survive. Through an accidental electrical discharge, planes on the flight deck catch fire and explode. Fires and explosions spread rapidly and kill 134 and injure 161 crew members.



The Greek God of Medicine, his 6 daughters and 4 sons, have taken human form and have a medical practice in Southern California. Asclepius has taken the name of Dr. Nightingale. He uses the blood drawn from the right side of a Gorgon to inject into his frail older patients to cure them and restore their health. During the day it is a medical practice with each child practicing different roles in medicine such as Nurse, Pharmacist, and Respiratory Therapist. At night, they scour the world to fight disease, illness, and injury.



Story of the first living creature to be sent into space. Laika was a three year old dog sent into orbit in 1957 by the Russians who died during her fifth orbit. Laika was selected and trained to go into orbit wearing a spacesuit and being propelled into space in Sputnik II.